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Mrs Magoo on 3 month old golden
aww. what a little gem. x

Melissa on 3 month old golden
What a cutie!

Martin Delorme on Lotus Espirit v8
My dream car, she's beautiful, great shot.

rem_la on Lotus Espirit v8
joli chassis !!

Rabbit on lucky
Love your doggies portrait. Very nice focus.

AuBuchon on lucky
Nice shot ... good looking GR ... I too have a GR ... great dogs!

Antares on after rain
Nice capture

martie on after rain
Gorgeous clouds - well done!

cassiel on rain clouds
hermosa tonalidad y contrastes

Sandrine on Lucky
beautiful portrait! Excellent colors and compo...

melvin on Lamp ornament
wow.. nice the nice clear ornament thingy ..but i think the back ground doesnt need to be so blurred up.. ...

amy on Lucky
Great pp work here. Makes for a really excellent image that's evocative.

Levine on Lucky
u KNOW, Theres a FEEL in this picture. Not from the expression of the dog itself but also the colour that u use, the ...

Paulski on Lucky
a gorgeous dog, and a great capture here. well done...

omegaforest on Lucky
the contrast of the background brings out the dog expression...nice shot

Xoroi on Lucky
Very nice light and colors! I like it.

pLusOne on Lucky
It looks like the dog is waiting for someone.

Wee Kiat on Lucky
I like the tone n how the dog stands out. Great shot!

Roberto on Lucky
perfect moment, perfect model

Steven on Lucky
Sweet shot, what a face!

Sandrine on Lucky
Great capture of a day in a dogs life! :)

Laurent on Lucky
lovely shot. soft with a good deep of field and light

Marta on Lucky
So beautifull

annora on Lucky
beautiful!the sunlight is gorgeous on his fur.

Tali on Lucky
Love this shot!

Marta on Lucky
Nice Golden :-)

Imarchi on Canon AE-1
wonderful and romantic macro

Jeff on Canon AE-1
I own a minolta SRT200 made in the 1970s (a totally manual camera). Your photo reminds me of that camera. Good use of ...

Wee Kiat on Canon AE-1
I have the Canon AV-1. Very similiar camera. It used to be my dad's camera. He left it behind when he left us. Now ...

gabriel on Canon AE-1
That's a real treasure you've got there... keep it safe !

DB Photography on Canon AE-1
The AE-1 was a great camera, but I don't miss film a bit.

Levine on Canon AE-1
Canon's new camera :) Latest model :P

Ina on lotion
Just excellent! Well done!

Lia on frog
This is such a cute shot! Is it a lamp?

Lia on daily meds
Colorful little pills... Who knew that you can take a nice shot of a handful of pills?! Creative shot!

shahab on daily meds

Kaddy on daily meds
Nice shot!!

Dimitrios on Xmas Star Jar

Paulski on star jar
nice composition...

Daroru on Lamp ornament
Very delicately handled; love it.

Josh on Lamp ornament
Superb colors.

Dimitrios on Lamp ornament
cool macro, happy NY

kairospix on Plant
very nicely capture! bravo!

shahab on Plant
Stunning shot!

Damon Schreiber on Pentax K10D
Now there's a camera!

Laurent on Pentax K10D
very good composition. I like the way you played with your wide angle. It makes a very good shot

Teresa on Canon AE-1
Ay. This was the very first camera I ever owned. After two years I sold it to my brother and got a Canon T80 ( which I ...

alla on Canon AE-1
I enjoyed your camera/lenses series! Entertaining :)

alla on Ultranar Lens

Cyberpsycho on Canon AE-1
Ohh, the memories! I still have my old Canon TX, which I bought back in the 70's. The AE-1 is a classic.

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